School Lunches

School Lunch

The school endeavours to provide a healthy school dinner with rolling two week menus (listed below) provided by Cheshire East Catering. The cost of a school dinner is £2.75 per day/ £13.75 per week. Payment is made online using our school online payment system.  All children in Reception and KS1 (years 1 and 2) will receive a free school meal.

The menus for each week can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Some pupils will be eligible for free school meals. There have recently been some changes made to the thresholds for free school meals, so please speak to Mrs Whitfield of Mrs Weaver who can support with this. 

Please use the following link for further information: Free School Meals.

Packed Lunch

If your child brings a packed lunch please label the lunch box with their name and make sure that drinks are in non-breakable leak-proof containers. We encourage children to eat healthily. Please do not send sweets or fizzy drinks in packed lunches and we recommend that chocolate or crisps are sent in moderation. 

Within our school community we have pupils who have a potentially life-threatening allergy (anaphylaxis) to foods, predominantly to peanuts and tree nuts (e.g. almond, cashew, hazelnut, pistachio).

We feel the best way to reduce their risk of accidental exposure is to respectfully ask for the co-operation of the parents/guardians within this school community to:

Do not send in items with peanut butter or products with nuts listed in the ingredients.


Where a child has an allergen or intolerance to certain food groups, the school office will liaise with the child’s parents/guardians to obtain medical confirmation from their GP and/or Pediatric Dietician verifying the child’s ongoing dietary requirements for example egg intolerance. Once an allergy has been identified, and the documentation received, Cheshire East Catering will provide suitable lunches.  


Children remain on the school premises during the lunchtime break where they are supervised by midday supervisors. Your child will be encouraged to eat as much of their lunch as possible but we never force a child to eat. We will let you know if your child has any issues in eating their lunch.

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