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Welcome to Bickerton Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School.

We are a good rural Primary School near Malpas, Cheshire, where the behaviour of our pupils is outstanding.  Most of our children transfer at the end of Year 6 to Bishop Heber High School, Malpas.


Safeguarding Children Update


Thank you to everyone for helping to make our parking and pick-up time so good. The system runs very smoothly and is being adopted from now on. Please remember to arrive during the appropriate time slot to ensure the free flow of traffic and to avoid cars backing up onto Long Lane.


Below, there is a link to CEOP's 'Thinkuknow' website which has a section for parents where you can find information about keeping children safe online. 




As well as keeping children safe online, please remember to keep them safe by looking at the age certificates on any games they play or DVDs they watch to ensure that children are only accessing age appropriate games and films. This is also something that the class teachers and I talk about regularly with the children in lessons and assemblies.


Look out for posters about the second police drop-in service being held at our school in the near future. This is being run by our local police officers one lunch-time.


We believe that regularly raising the issue of bullying is the best way to prevent it from happening and to ensure that it has no place in our school. In November, we will hold our annual 'Anti-Bullying Week'. Since September, in our assemblies, we have thought about keeping safe on-line, frinedships, what bullying is and what to do if anyone has a problem with relationships or if they are being bullied. Class 5 children have worked on the definition of bullying which is well understood throughout the school. They have also acted out scenarios in assembly which have helped the other children to understand what is and is not bullying, and what to do about it.