What We Are Learning About

At Bickerton, we aim to give our children the best education we can. We use the National Curriculum as the basis of our planning for the children's learning. Most subjects are taught as part of topics which last roughly for half a term. They are designed to grab the children's imagination and to make them want to learn.


Educational visits add to the experience of learning and help the children to put their learning into a context. They are very important; the children love them and often these are the things that they remember many years into the future. Residential visits add even more. Over the course of the three or four days of a residential, children's personalities shine through. 


Each teacher produces a curriculum brochure at the beginning of each half term in which you can see some of the things the children will be learning over the coming weeks. They provide a rough guide rather than a precise week by week plan. As the term progresses, assessment of need or following the children's interests may mean that the areas of study indicated in the curriculum brochure may differ from what is done in class, but they still give a flavour. These curriculum brochures can be found following the class links below.


Class 1, 2 and 3 Topic Titles
Topic Titles Class 1_2_3.docx
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Class 4 and 5 Topic Titles
Topic Titles Class 4_5.docx
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Class 1




Class 2




Class 3




Class 4




Class 5